Thursday, 27 October 2016

Not really procrastination

I did say I was back into Chasing Silver but... In July I decided to take one of our online courses - Publishing eBooks with the intent to get River Crossing  into Amazon Kindle. On Friday I completed the course with my book up, tax organised - and of course I forgot about the part where you set up bank account details for payment! Next lesson. Doing the course was great fun, learning to format for epub and re-posting  several times as the process showed up design or text errors, but I finally made it. I wanted to get River Crossing  up as it has been out of print for some years and I had the rights back. A good book to experiment with.
I also completed a couple of small writing jobs that have been niggling in the background. I've been pulling buttercup out of my vege garden and covering the spare ground with silage compost for next year. The strawberries are in, the rasberries and fruit trees all mulched and sprayed and my passion-fruit and tamarillos in the hot house are covered in fruit - well not really, more like miniature fruit starting to fill out. Growing them in the hothouse is a new experiment as the frosts kill them off outside - we don't live in the 'winterless north' but in a small valley in the Far North that has it's own micro climate - frosts in winter and if the frost don't kill off the tamarillos then the cyclonic winds tear the fruit off just before it's ripe.
So now it's a weekend in the garden - weather permitting, after all it is spring here and that means lots of showers turning to rain - and then on Monday back to serious work - writing.

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