Friday, 10 May 2013

Chasing Silver

My first post on the blog. Not something I imagined doing but Keith put a link up on my website and he now tells me there have been six hits, so here goes.
I'm finally back into writing Chasing Silver and am determined to continue every morning until I'm finished - well minus the mornings I have meetings in town for NorthTec of course. It feels so good to have the words flowing again and being able to slip into Papers Past through the internet to do the odd bit of research still needed. Beats sitting reading the papers on film at the library. At the moment I'm chasing up the price wood ear fungus was sold for in 1890. I know I've seen the answer somewhere, and recorded it, but I can't remember where. Oh well - back to work.


  1. Sounds great, Di. Glad you are enjoying your writing and researching again. Looking forward to more...

  2. Thanks Micelle. Hope the ocean winds are being kind.